Nada Hassan is a Lebanese American artist and mother whom, as a child, grew up with a pencil and crayons as her constant companions. Although art was not considered a priority in her society, it was her passion for art and perseverance that kept her going into the world of creativity. Nada has always been a quiet person, but she spoke with her art.
Based in Detroit, Michigan, Nada carries a Bachelor's degree in Fine Arts, majoring in Graphic Design. After years of practice and experimenting with different media, she has developed a minimalist style in illustration that is simple yet meaningful. 
With a few lines, she illustrates her journey and dreams. Inspired by motherhood and the ups and downs of parenthood, Nada pours her heart and emotions into her drawings to share the sweet moments and struggles of every parent. 
Her motherhood series "You Have My Heart" has been featured on Behance for the category Illustrator Draw, and on Dearborn Blog. Nada is currently working on upcoming local and national exhibits. 
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